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General Liability Insurance Product Liability Insurance

General Liability/Product Liability Insurance

rahn & associates will help you to identify and manage your risks to ensure your business is fully protected 


General liability insurance is something all companies need to have in place as it is designed to help cover medical expenses and attorney fees resulting from bodily injuries and property damage for which your company may be legally responsible. Product liability insurance is a more specialized type of coverage that applies when there are claims made relating to the use of your products. In a product liability case, everyone involved in the supply chain could be held liable. Both General Liability and Product Liability insurance is a necessity for companies, given the rise in claims and the costly legal fees associated with lawsuits.

Obtaining the right coverage for your business can be a major undertaking­. Rahn & Associates has been helping companies in the most highly regulated industries assess and manage their risks in order to find the very best and most cost-effective insurance policies. 

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