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From Seed to Sale, we protect you from the most difficult risks facing your cannabis business 

cannabis insurance

an unexpected event like a theft, fire, data breach, product defect, lawsuit or an employee accident can have a devastating effect on your cannabis/hemp/cbd business


Are You Protected?

Finding the right policies to protect your Cannabis, Hemp or CBD business is one of the biggest challenges you will face. Given the fact that marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance and illegal at the federal level, many of the major, generic insurance giants turn down coverage or do not offer products tailored to the industry's specific needs and risks. To address this challenge, we established S2S Insurance Specialists in 2015, which specializes in providing custom policies for businesses operating specifically in the Medical and Recreational marijuana industry. S2S Insurance Services has the ability to write insurance coverage in all states where marijuana laws are established at a state level.


We have over 25 years of experience and deep knowledge of the recreational and medical cannabis industry. Our team is dedicated to providing you with hard to place insurance coverage that is both cost effective and tailored to your specific needs. No matter where your business falls in the supply cycle, we have custom products to protect you. 

cannabis risk management and insurance

Custom Coverages For the Cannabis Industry:


Please contact S2S Insurance Specialists for a free 15 minute consultation, so we may examine your current policies, help you understand what is and is not covered, and adjust your policy, if necessary. 

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