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“Best In Class” Insurance For Luxury/Exotic

Dealers and Showrooms

Luxury Exotic Car Insurance

Rahn & Associates provides elite protection for your marque showrooms and investment-class assets


The Exotic Automobile industry has developed into its own specialty niche within fine arts. But, like many elite businesses, it doesn’t quite fit under the general automotive dealership or repair shop categories due to the high value of the vehicles and the industry's unique risks. This type of business requires a specialty broker to find the correct market placement. Many exotic car collectors, dealers, showrooms and restorers look at exotic automobiles as a viable and consistent alternative asset investment class.

We represent the “best in class” dealers and showrooms. Companies that buy, represent and sell investment quality “blue chip” cars turn to Rahn & Associates to develop a tailor-made program for acquiring important coverages, including:

Garage Keepers & General Liability

complete coverage for your indoor showrooms and service areas

Property & Physical Damage

coverage for your automobiles and facilities, including tenant improvements, business personal property and equipment breakdown

Cyber Defense

protects you against hackers and fraud on your websites, social media, as well as reputation damage, remote workers and ransomware


covers air and ground transportation of your luxury and exotic automobiles

Rahn & Associates has specialized brokers that will evaluate the amount of insurance you require for your on-site inventory, including those automobiles you have on consignment, to develop a plan ensuring all your risks are properly covered.

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