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Emerging Industries Like Digital Arts Require The Right

Safety Nets

Digital Art Media Insurance

Rahn & Associates protects your intellectual property, royalties, media/technology, equipment & property 

Digital Arts

Digital Art is a new and emerging category in the art world, where art can be projected on any screen instead of a framed hanging picture. Think of the possibilities of having curated art changing daily! Digital Art business models vary from premium art collection subscriptions, to providing digital art from curated catalogs featuring limited-edition works, available for purchase or rental. We have clients who provide hardware, software, procurement and curating services to this niche market.

This new area of the art world deals with many specialties related to intellectual property, royalties, media/technology, professional liability, equipment breakdown, property and theft, to name a few. At Rahn & Associates, we will develop customized insurance solutions tailored to the ever-evolving industry of digital arts.

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